How to get rid of "You visited 6 infected websites recently"

Second time I’ve done this since 1987.

The next line is “secure now and don’t let anyone know what you are visiting on the internet” with a list of the sites (that are just popups that are blocked by the browser anyway)

Is Malwarebytes the best way to get rid of this?


Perhaps. It certainly won’t hurt to run a scan and you have 30-days to decide whether to purchase the premium version or just keep the free scanner.

If it doesn’t find anything, then it’s either brand new or the result of so called malvertising caused by JavaScript imbedded in advertising on the site you were visiting and not by anything on your Mac. In the latter case, only a good adblocker can help.


Thanks Al, I had worried that Malwarebytes was not a good one. I ran it and found a few things that had installed the day in question, plus something from last week.

I thought it fixed my Spotlight bug but that only lasted 5 minutes. Oh well.