How to get rid of old iOS VPN settings?

(Simon) #1

My iPhone’s VPN config list shows a bunch of old settings that I can’t get rid of. No matter what I try there’s never any delete button or menu. There’s simply some small print at the end of the settings saying I should use app XYZ to change those configurations. That app is indeed what I used to set up those VPN profiles. But the problem is, I no longer have that app. In fact, the app is no longer offered on the App Store. Is there really no way to get rid of these outdated configs cluttering my list?

(Doug Miller) #2

I would think that Settings / General / Reset / Reset Network settings might do that. Just a note that this will also wipe out all of your saved WiFi access points, any cellular settings (including WiFi assist), so it’d be a good idea to go through these settings when you are done, and you’ll have to re-enter WiFi credentials for any of your usual WiFi networks.

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(Simon) #3

Thanks, Doug. I really don’t want to do that though. Way too many functioning settings I’d have to re-enter.