How to get email digest

Apologies to all. Drilled down the comments on Adam’s posting and saw that a plugin may be forthcoming. Thanks!

I can’t figure out how to set up the new Talk to receive a daily digest instead of individual emails. Am I missing something? I seem to be able to get no emails or a ton of individual ones. Really like the digest option from the old site. (Or am I the only one?)
Thanks for guidance!

Yep, getting that digest plugin installed is on the list of things to do. I think TidBITS Talk has about a 50/50 split between individual message subscribers and digest subscribers.

I don’t really care how people read things, but my experience is that the digest makes it very hard for subscribers to participate without blowing out threads, quoting entire digests in replies, and causing other problems. So I’ve never been a fan.

Plus, I’ve never understood the appeal of digests since email clients gained the ability to put messages in the same topic into a single conversation. Digests are grouped chronologically, which is essentially random, whereas conversations are grouped by subject, which seems much more useful and easier to follow.

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Except Discourse emails are still showing up as separate messages for me.

Well, not always – two or three will be together and then the next one will be by itself. Seems bizarrely random. I just modified my TidBITS-Talk rule to see if that helps.

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For my google-hosted email, I was finding filters based on “list” weren’t ideal because there are actually multiple domain names depending on which part of TidBITS’s Discourse was the source. Filtering by From: seems to be working for me.

It may be related to the filtering — I’m not filtering any of my Discourse messages at this point, and both Gmail (Web client) and Apple Mail (High Sierra) are putting them all in conversations properly.

OK, Eli has installed the Daily Summary plugin, so there’s now a new setting in Preferences > Emails.

Daily Summary setting

I have no idea how this will work, but have a crack a it! It has no settings I can adjust.

Please try setting up a rule to send all TidBits-Talk mail to a separate folder. You will never want digests again, I promise.


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