How NOT to get the TidBITS Talk Summary

I have unsubscribed from all mails, digests, etc, but I still get the daily TidBITS Talk Summary. How do I stop it?

At the very bottom of the e-mail you receive is this line which should answer your question:
“To unsubscribe from these emails, click here.”

I think this was related to a plug-in I had set up so people could get a digest-like view of TidBITS Talk via email. One other person had trouble stopping it too, and now that I’m back from a pair of conferences, I’ve decided to just turn the plug-in off and see if that works. I’ll also be curious if people complain about not getting it, in the no-win department. :slight_smile:

actually, the email I receive does NOT have an unsubscribe option at the end. I found that unusual.

First off, are you still getting the summary despite having it turned off in Preferences > Emails? Second, if so, forward me a copy of the email message so I know which one you’re talking about.

It’s possible there’s a List-Unsubscribe header instead of a link at the bottom.

This still seems to be a problem despite me having turned off the plugin I was talking about. So I’ll be going back to the Discourse developers on this.

I’ve rebuilt the Discourse app, which may have been necessary to get the plugin to stop working. So let me know if the summary happens again after today.

Man, this thing is proving hard to kill! Trying another route now—sorry for the trouble!

Anyone still getting this or was our last attempt finally successful?

Not sure what you’re asking. I received the email quoted below, if that’s what you mean.

I’m asking if you’re still receiving the plugin-generated summary message that had all the text of all the posts since the last summary, and lacked an unsubscribe link at the bottom. (There is a different summary that’s much shorter and does have an unsub link.) At least one person said they stopped after our last attempt to eradicate them.

I’ve not received the Summary since June 11. I do want to keep getting it. I just noticed that I hadn’t received them.

Sorry, but that summary (really a digest) won’t be possible anymore because the plugin was badly behaved and wouldn’t let those who didn’t want the email to get off.

If you go to your Emails preferences screen, you can get a true summary—see below.

I turned unchecked mailing list mode as I couldn’t select activity summary with it checked. Then I checked the Activity Summary and pick daily for the summaries. Thanks for letting me know.