How do you guys hold your iPhone? (no, seriously)

Yes…my 15 Pro Max running whatever the update to iOS issued yesterday was has a bell in control center to activate/deactivate Silent Mode…and it’s been there since release of the 15 Pro Max.

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Great. Thank you, @neil1.

Yes, I just use the bell button in the Control Center to mute the phone (which is almost permanently the state). Alternatively, you can make a Shortcut to activate/de-activate Silent Mode and map it to the double- or triple- Back Tap function to change the silent state with just one action.

My biggest beef is the Mute switch next to the volume buttons. So often it gets turned to mute accidentally and calls are missed. My wife resorted to putting a drop of CA glue on it to prevent that - if she needs to mute the phone she can still use the volume down button.