How do I share Reminders?

I want to create a shopping list in Reminders and share it with my SO. That way when he stops by the store, he can check to see if I’ve already bought the butter I told him we needed!

I thought it would be simple since we both have iPhones, but it seems to go through email and then to iCloud.

I also wanted to share a Note with him, so it would show up in his Notes, but again I didn’t see an option. I can email it to him but I was hoping it would be something that he could see as I updated it.

Am I missing something or is this just how it works?

I’m still on iOS 12.x but he’s on the latest.


You can create a new List and then share it to others any number of ways, from email to a message. Once they accept the share, though, you should be syncing reliably. They would see all the items on that list. (If you have family sharing there should/may already be a “Family” list already. Well, there is on mine, and my wife and kids all have access to it.)

When you are looking at a note, there is (or should be) an “Add People” button on the top toolbar, to the left if the share control. You add people to a note the same way that you add people to a Reminder list, and once they accept the share, they should see changes to the note as you make them, and vice versa.

In both cases, you may have to be syncing reminders and notes with iCloud. They should be by default, but you can check in your iCloud settings (Settings / iCloud / iCloud).

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