How can I fix a broken iCloud Photos connection?

Up until now, Photos seamlessly shared Photos between my iPad and my desktop… I even went to promoting such use with friends a relatives. Now it seems to be 100% broken. Images I add on the tablet seem to be in an endless “uploading” process to iCloud (even after quitting and re-launching the app). If I add a photo on my desktop, it never gets sent TO iCloud to show up on my tablet. I tried deleting a photo on my desktop, but it seems to remain on my tablet. Yeah, BOTH are set to use iCloud!

As test, my Notes app is also synced with iCloud. Text added on one device shows up on the other device just fine, so it appears the connection via iCloud IS working… just not for photos. HOW can I possibly fix this?

Are the changes reflected on the iCloud Web site? That may tell you where the problem starts.

The first thing to try is to sign out of iCloud on your iPad and then sign back in. You may have to do this on the Mac too, but try to avoid it if you can, since iCloud Photo Library will need to resync (very slowly) if you do.

Over a week ago, I was forced to “reset” my apple password (long story I won’t bother you with). Everything seemed just fine on my desktop. BUT the tablet just kept working. Mostly I was “syncing” in Notes, and that continued to work with the cloud. I WAS curious why, but when tech seems to work, don’t question it or you may end up in more trouble! Got the bright idea as I was falling asleep last night that maybe I just sign out of my account on the tablet, so when I set to do that, it binged me saying I HAD to re-sign in. Did that and NOW Photos are correctly synced.

Of course, it never should have waited for over 10 days to auto-sign me out as my password had changed. OTOH, I prolly shoulda known I had to force the issue because “they” were 100% asleep at the wheel!

Oh, “iCloud web site?” Uh, not really familiar with this, oh,, found it (never knew it existed!).

Eeeesh, so I have been using iMessage since I changed my password maybe 10-12 days ago. TODAY it blocks me and send me to the right place to change my password (except in true not so hot UI fashion, there is NO option to “change password” I have to sign out, then re-sign up). Thank goodness it kept my “conversations.”