Horrible Ventura Mail.app bug

Mail.app is crashing like clockwork every couple seconds, even if I do nothing. Looking at the crash report, the Indexing thread stack is overflowing. I’ll probably have to roll back Ventura. This is a BLATANT BUG, and I’m appalled this got into a production release. Apple should be ashamed of itself. (Heads should roll over this…)

Since it’s so blatant on your Mac, it’s probably not widespread or everyone would be talking about it. I don’t particularly use Mail, but it’s not crashing here. Might be worth trying to force a rebuild of the database.


I did notice that when I first opened Mail in Ventura, there was a notice about optimizing the database. That might suggest that rolling back to Monterey would require returning the entire state of the drive to your pre-Ventura backup, rather than reinstalling Monterey and migrating the current state of the of the drive.

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I was able to get mail kinda back by removing a bunch of my mail folders, the mail envelope data, and then relaunching the application. But of course that removes all those messages from Mail.app

From the crash report, it’s clear what’s going on, there’s a blatant stack overflow in the indexing thread. Now I don’t know what that counts or how it’s coded, but it’s clear that Apple’s testing doesn’t include sufficient boundary conditions to detect this, as well as enough competent design to prevent it in the first place. (As someone who wrote software for a living, I feel fully entitled to make these kinds of value judgements.)