HomePods as a sound bar

Has anybody used a pair of HomePods successfully as a sound bar for their TV? What has been your experience? Successful or otherwise?

Hi, It works fine for me, paired with my Apple TV 4K, sounds very good with my iTunes Dolby Atmos movies, and Apple Music.

Thanks, that’s comforting to know and you’ve convinced me to order a pair today.

Same here, we have a pair added to our AppleTV 4K. Can’t imagine movie night without them. Really superb.

They should be delivered tomorrow. The room they will be used in has a high ceiling (over 2 metres at one point), lots of double glazed windows, hardwood floor with not much furniture or soft furnishings - an acoustic nightmare I suppose. The HomePods will not be in an ideal environment so it will be a good test for them. And no Atmos of course.

2 metres is 6’6”… I bet it’s higher than that!

Well ours is in a high vaulted space, hardwood floor, walls are actually 5M high at the back where the films are projected. The pair of HomePods fill it with sound effortlessly.

I’m curious, are you all referring to the original HomePods, or HomePod mini’s?

The original HomePods are no longer, only minis at this time.

Mine still exist. :grin:

Ooops. 5 metres high I meant to type. We are not Hobbits.

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That’s great, but the point is the OP just ordered his, so they almost certainly are minis. He did so based on the experience of two replies here, but we don’t know whether they are originals or minis and whether that makes any difference.

Ours are originals. My Kitchen mini is no match, great though it is for podcasts and radio. You can still buy originals out there but hard to find, I think I heard they were going for elevated prices on eBay.

They are the minis - however it’s a no risk purchase as I can always return them to Apple if they don’t perform as needed. They are being delivered today so I’ll know by tonight whether they are good enough.

It’s rumored that Apple is bringing the HomePod back soon.

The HomePod minis were delivered today, set up as a pair and…easily fill the room with crisp sound so far. I’ve not played much on them yet, a couple of YouTube segments and ‘Try’ by Pink, so will use the 14 day return period as a trial. There isn’t a thumping bass background that I’ve noticed with music (but then I don’t generally play music from my TV only via my AirPods). No Dolby Atmos either but then they are not exactly expensive and I’ve never experienced it anyway, so have no idea what I might be missing.

Do you miss having the sub-woofer and rear speakers that one can get with a sound bar or is the difference not noticeable?

Neil I guess these things are always subjective.

We had a 5:1 system before but I never really liked the rumble for the subwoofer and found swirling audio around the rear speakers a bit distracting. The HomePod pair have offered rich and full audio at least to these ears, the audio has a satisfying quality, always seems appropriate to what’s on screen and is full and loud when needed.

Of course…just wondering what you thought. We have a bar with subwoofer and rears…and in a lot of shows these days the bass and background music overwhelms the dialog…FBI and it’s kin for instance. We’ve gotten where we change the speaker mode selection for some of these…

Not really thinking of replacing the bar with HomePods…just wondered.

That was my experience too. Found the emphasis upon music and deep notes overwhelming at times.

I watched ‘The greatest beer run ever’ last night (don’t judge me). I can hear the dialogue easily but miss the bass background. I’ll continue with the trial. No new HomePods announced today.