Health App Says 70,000 Steps

I have been following my steps in the Health App. I know it’s not super accurate, but it has gone crazy the last two days. It says I have taken about 70,000 steps today and yesterday. What’s going on? I walked a lot more the day before and it said 9,000 steps.

Not sure why I missed this way back when, but I’m curious if you ran into this problem again? The only reason, apart from a basic bug, that I can think of, is that it’s possible to connect multiple step-tracking apps to the Health app, and I could imagine it going nuts and adding up all the data from all the apps.

Seems unlikely, given your previous day’s count, but I figured I’d mention it here in case others ran into this in a search.

I have this problem regularly. After a ride, I have to go to Health and make sure it didn’t double count the mileage, which it usually does. It actually double counts from the same source, Strava, or at least thats what Health says.

As far as steps go, I try not to pay attention, but I do know that Health and the Withings Health Mate app give different counts. Same hardware, although I don’t know if the Withings app gets “steps” from my Apple Watch or is only using the iPhone.