Haven't received tidbits since March 18

(Betty Fellows) #1

Hi Tidbits,
I’ve not received any tidbits since March 18. I’m signed up for both individual messages and the summary. I’m also a paid member. My email hasn’t changed and I’ve also checked my spam folder and it isn’t going there. Please help!!!



(Ron Risley) #2


If you haven’t tried it yet, log in to your TidBITS account at tidbits.com and re-confirm your email address. Chances are that several TidBITS emails bounced and your address got marked as broken.

I know that a lot of folks really like Yahoo, but as a long-time mail admin I can tell you that they are the absolute worst email provider from an administrative perspective. They lose a lot of email (acknowledge it as received to the sending MTA but never deliver it to the user). They bounce messages (particularly mailing list messages) for seemingly arbitrary and capricious reasons. When you ask them to fix things so that they adhere to standards, they seem to take the attitude that they ARE the standard and the rest of the world needs to conform to them.

I would suggest that, if it’s at all practical for you, you get a non-Yahoo email address at least for mailing lists. It will save a lot of headaches for you and the admins of any lists of which you’re a member.



(Adam Engst) #3

First off, Betty, if you need help, please just write to me at ace@tidbits.com or to Lauri at support@tidbits.com, or send a private message here in Discourse, rather than posting to TidBITS Talk. No need to clutter thousands of email boxes with a support request.

When I looked up your address in SendGrid, it showed that delivery had been stopped because you marked email from TidBITS as spam. I strongly suspect that it wasn’t you that did it, but some app or service—we’ve seen a few other people who keep having this happen too. Nonetheless, that explains why email stopped—SendGrid stops sending to any address that marks email as spam. I’ve removed your address from the spam suppression list, so you should get this and future messages.

We’re close to switching to a different email delivery service since SendGrid costs over $200 per month compared to Amazon SES, which we believe will be closer to $20 per month. Regardless of the cost, my hope is that some of the annoyances we’ve seen with SendGrid will disappear (undoubtedly to be replaced with entirely different annoyances, but such is life on the Internet).

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(Betty Fellows) #4

Thanks, Adam. You were right in that I’ve not marked tidbits as spam.

I’ve started getting emails again.