HandBrake 1.1.0

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/watchlist/handbrake-1-1-0/

Features a redesigned interface, new presets, and other improvements. (Free, 16.1 MB)

I’ve not updated to 1.1.0 yet, but am using a nightly build from a month ago. The reason I switched to that nightly build is because it encodes HEVC streams in a way that is compatible with iOS devices. Previous versions used a different style of HEVC that encodes the metadata in the bitstream, that Apple doesn’t support in the iOS built-in video player. I assume this new version of Handbrake contains this change as well, so another very worthwhile reason to upgrade!

I like the new UI, it’s a lot cleaner and easier to navigate. It may be my imagination, but I ran a 1080p30 Super fast and it seemed the number of frames per second was higher than on the pervious version.

Hmm. I’ve run it twice now over a 20GB video (it’s a 4h30m super cut fan-edit of the Hobbit trilogy, once for a mp4 1080p and once for an mkv, both times I ended up with a file of only a few hundred MB. Not sure what is wrong, but the presets are definitely not working properly.

This doesn’t help your issue, but you could encode once to an mp4 and then use ffmpeg on the command line to copy the contents to an mkv (or vice versa), which will save a lot of tine. The two formats are just different containers, but the video and audio streams contained in them are the same (or can be).

If encoding to an mp5 worked sure, but both the mp4 and the mkv attempts from HB 1.1 came out at a fe hundred MB from a 20GB source file of a four-and-a-half hour 1080p movie.

I have encountered a problem with Handbrake- generated video that seems to be related to recent versions of Handbrake and macOS (actually the Quicktime component). I have been using the Device Preset “Apple 1080p30 Surround”. The resulting m4v file won’t play in Quicktime, Quick View or Apple TV. Oddly it still plays in Quicktime 7.
Still playing with Handbrake settings/prsets. So far only General/Fast 1080p seems to reliably play.
Update: Ironically the preset Device/Android 1080p30 works well!