Google Revamps Gmail’s Web Interface

(Adam Engst) #22

Fair enough! Sounds like Google needs to revisit how the keyboard shortcuts dismiss that dialog. I don’t use the tabbed inbox, nor do I ever deal with any message without looking at it, so in my use case, the dialog always goes away with the next action.

(Doug Miller) #23

When I woke up this morning, the message box after deleting messages is now half the height that it used to be, taking up much less space, and is much easier to deal with. Excellent.

(michael day) #24

Below I’ve quoted something I posted over a week ago.
A bunch of you kind folks replied but…
none of you really had a helpful suggestion for me.
Alas…I believe I have absolutely found one.
Next to the settings gear icon, there is an icon with three lines entitled:
I chose vertical mode and it solved the black notification box nicely.
Now the black box no longer gets in the way of reading the next email.
In fact, it is so much out of the way, I never have to manually get rid of it now.
Also…vertical mode AND leaving the tasks/calendar/keep window open
now makes this a much more powerful email setup for me than it was before.
This is cool!
I have never before been the one to offer a solution to a problem I posted.
Thanks for all your replies!

kind regards,
rev. michael day

(Diane D) #25

Congrats! It always feels fantastic to find a solution to a frustrating issue :slight_smile:


(Doug Miller) #26

Alas, I have no such icon on Gmail’s new interface.

(michael day) #27

(Doug Miller) #28

In the new Gmail interface, you turn that feature on with settings / advanced / preview pane, which I believe is disabled by default (and which is probably why I wasn’t seeing it.) I just tried turning on the new interface for the first time on a secondary Gmail account and the preview pane setting is off.

I still like the old interface’s method of putting that message box in the header of the page, rather than covering any of your messages.

(GraphicMac) #29

It’s a damn shame that Google is so horribly bad at design. The interface of pretty much everything they do absolutely sucks, and Gmail is no exception.

In this case, they made it a little better in most areas, but worse in a few. I like the new design, but that’s not to say it’s good.

(Julio Ojeda-Zapata) #30

For what it’s worth, the new Gmail interface finally got on my nerves and I switched back to the old one on my personal Gmail. My employer-issued Gmail account didn’t allow access to the new design until today, ironically. I switched briefly, but switched back. I’m old-school across the board now.

(Adam Engst) #31

Yeah, I tried it briefly too with Mailplane 4, but I found it too irregular—lines didn’t line up, images shown in the message list made scanning for text hard, and the way things “folded” hid stuff that I sometimes wanted to see.