Google is walking publishers through a revamped Google News | Digital - Ad Age

I’ll bet the Apple News/Texture/video deals is the motivation behind Google News’ makeover, wardrobe overhaul, and derrière lift:


I have noticed that when clicking on a Google News link in the latest Safari iOS the URL displays many jumbled characters. I guess this is all the data about me that Google is passing on to the linked websites so they can target me with (inappropriate) ads.
Is there a way to block this? It would be a very popular add-on!

It’s mostly so that Google gets credit for directing you to their site, rather than any ad targeting, but no, I’m not aware of any easy way to avoid it. You can copy and paste the link in a new window/tab and edit out everything after the “?”, but not sure it is at all worth the effort.

Thanks Al. Yes - I already delete the characters when adding links to my own web pages.
These days I only use Google News occasionally, mainly to see if I have missed anything via other less intrusive websites.