Good Morning greeting on the iPhone

My phone said Good Morning to me today, when I turned my wake up alarm off.

I looked it up, and yes, it’s a feature, but I didn’t have Bedtime turned on in Privacy settings. I’ve been using the Sleep feature since it came out though.

So - what’s up with that? Too bad it disappears so quickly!


I assume it “said Good Morning” on the screen and not by speaking it. My iPad has been doing this off and on for months. I use neither Bedtime nor Sleep. Usually (maybe always), the Good Morning is from a specific program (most commonly Numbers). And it certainly does not disappear quickly, but that could be due to differences in our usages.

In summary, I have no answer for you, but I also would be interested in “what’s up with that?”

Yes, it said it on the screen. It told me the weather as well. Funny thing is, I turned on the bedtime thing in Privacy and it did NOT do it this morning.

I checked it both before and after my sleep alarm. The day before, it showed up after I turned the sleep alarm off.

I read one article that says it shows up after your DND time ends. Oddly, my DND time is 9pm-9am, and it came on after my 6am sleep alarm.


It’s tied directly to the Weather app and widget; google ‘iPhone good morning weather’ for instructions on how to trigger it reliably as a lark; then marvel at how unreliable and utterly unpredictable it is in real usage. It, along with the s***show that is iOS Notifications, with random, dispersed, and persistent ghost notifications under iOS 12, stands out as amongst the sloppiest, most aggravating daily frustrations I’ve had on an Apple product.

I think the fact that I even saw it the other day without the correct settings turned on says it all. I was able to force it to come on last night by resetting my wakeup time, though mine didn’t show the flashlight or camera icons that I see in articles.

Cool feature but it sure would be nice if it worked more often!

When I looked this morning, my phone told me to call my SO to wish him a Happy Birthday - but it seems you have to scroll down to your notifications to see stuff like that.


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