Getting Touch ID sensor on Magic Keyboard to work

New Magic keyboard with Touch ID on a new Mac MINI on Ventura.

Before you can store the first fingerprint, you are asked to press the on/off button quickly twice to establish secure comms between keyboard and Mac.

If we do this quickly, nothing happens, if we slow down, slightly longer pauses between the “clicks” the Mac goes into sleep, and wakes up again on the second “click”.

No difference whether we have the cable connected or work wireless, forgetting the keyboard and re-attaching it doesn’t help.

Any idea what we can try?

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As I’m helping somebody over a distance, at first I did’nt know that he had the Magic Keyboard connected via a USB hub. It didn’t help, plugging it in directly didn’t make a difference.

We updated to Ventura 13.5, after the restart the Mac immediately starts telling us how to use the fingerprint sensor, but when it comes to double-clicking the on/off button it simply doesn’t recognise it.