Getting told update is needed for my iPhone to connect to Mac, but download doesn't work

Aren’t those supposed to be listed in System Report/Software/Installations? The only items I have listed there are seven 1Password and one AdBlock updates and the oldest is from 2019.

They should be. Sort by install date, most recent first. I see the last update to XProtect and MRT on my main MBP was on 2/4.

The list also shows MAS updates and 3rd party updates (Zoom for example).

In that list I also see a RosettaUpdateAuto took place after I installed the 12.2.1 update. Didn’t know Rosetta does auto updating on its own. Makes sense though. Sneaky, but I like it. :slight_smile:

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Yes, they should be, as long as you have both “Automatically Check for updates” and “Install system data files and security updates” enabled in System Preferences->Software Update. If you don’t enable both of those then you will never get those background updates.

Thanks, that did it. I then sorted by Source and have it showing those from Apple first.

Looks like the most recent Security Update is 2020-006. The MRT, XProtect, Gatekeeper were updated this month.

That wasn’t a background update. It requires you to accept the install unless you have “Install macOS updates enabled”.

I’m guessing you meant within a month as MRT & XProtect were last posted on Feb 3. There hasn’t been a Gatekeeper update since mid October 2019, so not sure why that was updated for you. It’s no longer used, so not a big deal.

Oops! You mean today isn’t February 30th? Yes, it was on Feb 4 for me

Just a note: It now works. I had plugged my iPhone in, got that annoying dialog box telling me to update. My choices were either to ignore and getting it popping up again in a few minutes, or hit install, drag the installation dialog box off the screen and ignore it.

This time, I hit install, and it actually installed. Don’t know what changed. Maybe it was an OS update of some sort.

I had this problem last week. After much Googling , I fixed it.

It turns out I had upgraded XCode but never run it since. It seems that XCode upgrades the same library that the mystery dialog also wants to upgrade. So all I had to do is open XCode, tell it to update its command line tools, and voila! The mystery dialog disappeared and hasn’t come back since.