Getting ntopng running

Hey folks,

I’m trying to characterize my network traffic, now that I have so many background services and processes running. I can see a ton of traffic moving, but I don’t know where it’s coming from or going. Activity Monitor only provides cumulative data, and nothing about the remote endpoints.

The industry standard for characterizing network traffic, which we also use in our carrier network, is ntop. ntopng provides a nice GUI, and they recently made a macOS installer. Here you can see some of the features and screenshots:


Problem is, it doesn’t work for me. Does it work for you? The Mac download is here:

I have an open ticket with the devs. But they’re not terribly responsive. Curious if anyone else uses this with success?



Hi Dave,

Being intrigued by your message here, I too have downloaded and installed this software.

And like you, I too can’t get it working from within Terminal.

Is there a program with a GUI to use this program, or, is it just done from within Terminal?

From within Terminal, when I tried to invoke the command to start the program, it reports: 'Library/LaunchDaemons/org.ntop.ntopng.plist: service already loaded’

Yet, when I try access ntop from the web page interface, that should be at:

Neither Safari nor Firefox can access the server.

… so if it helps in trouble shooting, I’m experiencing the same here …


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Yes, that web link should be the web-based GUI. Here’s where you can see my progress:

Maybe you could chime in and say it doesn’t work for you either :wink:

Yea, I could probably spend the time to figure out why Redis isn’t working; but I have 10 other software and hardware projects going on. And whatever I find, they’re going to have to fix it anyway :slight_smile: I hope! So I’ve given them plenty of intel to work on.

Hi again Dave,

I’ve done as you’ve requested, and sent a note to them explaining that I too can’t get their program to work in my setup that is based on OS 10.14.6. I’ll let you know what if anything I hear from them, and as that you too inform us here in TidBits about what you’re able to do in order to get it working.

Having quickly looked over their web site, this seems to me to be a terrific service for networking novices such as myself; provided I can get it working …



Thanks and you went the extra mile lol.

Perhaps that’s why they replied to me:

the problem of MacOS is the fact that we depend on this party tools that people usually installs with or similar. I will look into this issue and come back to you later today

which is basically what I figured. They never tested this on a non-developer machine :slight_smile: A classic QA problem.

We’ll see what happens! I don’t charge them for my QA time! :wink:

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This looks really useful, so thanks for alerting me to ntopng, and I look forward to this hopefully being resolved.

They sent me a private build to try, but it was no better.

I found the shared library mentioned in the error message in a different directory from where they’re looking, and showed them. Maybe they just have a search path problem, and that they try again soon :slight_smile:

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They now have it running:

That tip in my last post did the trick, and they have a new build up.

I was able to load the web app and log in. A reboot may have been required. But I have not had time to start using it.