Getting max resolution images from WhatsApp to the Mac

My family and friends use WhatsApp all the time, and I tend to view their messages on one of my Macs (MacBook, iMac - both running Big Sur), using the WhatsApp dedicated app. I find that if someone sends me an image, WhatsApp lowers the resolution - this is a well-known issue, and there are workarounds, but they all depend on the sender doing tricks, which I don’t like to insist that they do. I noticed that even the reduced image that arrives in my WhatsApp on the Mac is reduced further when I invoke ‘copy’ or ‘download’! So for example the maximum height or width on the clipboard/ download is 1024 pixels, whereas on the WhatsApp display it’s probably at least 1600 pixels. The only way I have found to preserve even this version of the image is via screenshot, although on the MacBook, I have to do more than one screenshot and sew them together afterwards.

Does anyone know of a better solution?