Get “Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily” for Free

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In an effort to help those who have suddenly been told to work from home, Take Control Books is giving away the new 55-page book, “Take Control of Working from Home Temporarily.” If you or anyone you know falls into that category, download a copy!


Thank you very much, Adam, very useful.

Kind regards –


Much appreciation and thanks to both Glenn Fleishman & Joe Kissell. Very generous & kind of you both to make this available to all at no cost during this challenging time.

Also much thanks to Adam Engst for everything you do to make the world a better place.


A lovely gesture and I hope this kind of generosity is ‘infectious.’

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Generosity in the midst of stories of hoarding, fights, xenophobia and other nasty behaviors. Congratulations on taking the highest of high roads. I’ve worked from home for 23 years and I still downloaded the book for good advice.

I wanted to increase my donation in response to your generosity, but I’m already at the top. Anything else you need?

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Boo… I was going to buy 100 copies. Denied

Peace and health on earth, but we’ll settle for your kind thoughts!

It only counts as hoarding if you download each copy individually and store each one its own folder on your Mac. :crazy_face: