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I’m upgrading a Mac to Catalina so it’s time to replace the old 32-bit version of my Reunion genealogy software. I’ve never been particularly enamored of the Reunion interface, and version 12 (a $50 upgrade) doesn’t look that much better. Are there better alternatives? MacFamilyTree ($30 at the moment) seems more attractive, but I get the sense that it might not be as fully-featured as Reunion. I’m not a hard-core genealogist. I just like to maintain a simple family tree of known ancestors.


Reunion vs MacFamily Tree is mainly a personal preference thing. I have been using both while trying to decide, but in the end I find I prefer the overall style and graphics of Reunion, and have stopped using MacFamily Tree. I prefer the charts I can produce in ReUnion to those from MacFamilytree, which seems to have a lot of ridiculous (to me) eye candy options I would never use. I especially like how Reunion looks and works on my iPads.

OTOH Reunion only syncs via Dropbox and MFT has iCloud and its own sync methods and hosts a website. I prefer the Reunion created website but it needs hosting somewhere.

In case anyone wasn’t clear from your post Reunion 12 is 64 bit.

I am also not a hard-core genealogist. Both do all I want. Power users may have different opinions.

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Thanks! This was exactly the information I needed. Yes, Reunion 12 is 64 bit, which is the reason I’m looking at all. Otherwise, my current version of Reunion basically suits my needs. I will probably fork over the $50 to get Reunion 12.

Of course there are many other options. I experimented with Treeview for a while as it seemed to have quite a bit going for it, one of which was it is cross platform. Can’t recall exactly why I stayed with Reunion now.

I’ve also used Reunion since Reunion 7, back in the year 2000. By supporting Reunion’s maker, Leister, you also get the feel good of supporting an Apple platform-only software publisher.

I’ve been using Reunion for many years, but I question some of the changes in recent versions.

I’ve been using Reunion for many years, but I question some of the changes in recent versions.

I’ve also been using Reunion for a long time (since 1995), but to me it has only gotten better.

Just curious – what changes do you mean?

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