Game Center

I have no use for Game Center, but since I’ve updated to iPadOS 14, it keeps harassing me whenever I open a game… I have deactivated it in the Settings, I keep pressing ‘Sign out’, all to no avail. Does anyone know thow to make it stop?
(I seem to recall I went through a similar phase with iOS 13, but I cannot remember what I did then…)

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Me too…if you figure it out please post the answer.

I’ve never been able to figure out a use for Game Center. Does anybody know what it is for?

Me either. There should be a way to turn it off completely…and if that is done apps shouldn’t ever ask about it.

I have been able to deselect it in settings and I remember deleting the app a long time ago. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked about it by a game since. The again, I have less than a dozen games on my iPhone.

It was useful back when there used to be a Game Center app. I liked the ability to browse what games my friends were playing and compare my achievements against theirs.

When Apple ditched the app, so you can only see this information from within a game, and then only information about that specific game, and only what the game author wants you to see, it became mostly useless.

But this is from a user standpoint. From a developer standpoint, Game Center provides (I think) iCloud-based storage for storing game progress. So you can start playing on one device and later continue on another device, or delete/reinstall the software without losing your progress.

Some app companies provide their own cloud server for this, but that only lasts as long as the game is supported. If the developer stops supporting it, the storage often goes away. Other apps use Facebook for storage, but then you are forced to log in to a Facebook account, accepting all the baggage that comes along with using Facebook. Game Center is a good alternative because everybody with an Apple ID has an account. The only downside is that users running a non-Apple version of the app (Android, Windows, game consoles, etc.) can’t access it.


Game Center seems like a variant of Apple’s Ping - another concept that probably looked good on a slide presentation, but one that never got a lot of interest so just kind of exists without much attention being paid to it.

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Actually, after having pressed ‘cancel’ or ‘decline’ for I don’t know how many times, Game Center seems to have receded back into the cave it came from! Until the next iOS update?

To get a very important target market and developers lined up and primed for when Apple finally releases their much rumored and not very secret smart glasses. I’ve been reading for years about Apple acquiring companies and registering patents that could be used for glasses, even recently.

I’d be shocked if Apple ever brought Game Center back to the forefront. I think the idea was to have a centralized way for iOS games to have multiple players and leaderboards and that sort of thing. I always found it inscrutable, but I very seldom play games.

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