Future Crunch: An Antidote to Negative News

Originally published at: Future Crunch: An Antidote to Negative News - TidBITS

Tired of the nonstop drumbeat of negative news? Science, technology, and even governments are doing amazing things that are actually improving the world in significant ways. To give your brain a break, Adam Engst recommends the Future Crunch newsletter’s now-weekly roundup of positive news stories.

On a broader perspective but taking the same positive view of human beings and what they do is the book Humankind, which I recently read and found refreshingly inspiring. Well worth a read by one and all. It is available as an ebook.

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Excellent, thanks.
I’ve actually sometimes been posting from a site called Beautiful News. I am indeed very tired of our relentless focus on the negative, when so many good things happen all the time.
By the way, I recommend the book The Better Angels Of Our Nature.

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