Funny thing with HomePod happened

So, you know how if you enable Siri to “listen” for alarm like smoke alarm? Well, I have that enabled on my Home Pods. And I was getting a notification, actually several in less than a minute, with some error, "Apple homekit notification warning Check in is no longer available "
I was at home, a few rooms away from the Home Pods. But this annoyed me, and I swiped it away. Then it happened again in a few seconds after that. Well, I got up from where I was reading and when I approached the kitchen (where the Home Pods happen to be), I hear a faint beeping and… I left the fridge door open a wee bit! That has an alarm that the door is left open. But the Home Pod didn’t say it was an alarm. Bug? Or maybe it needs a reporting?

Which, my lesson is “becareful of objects on the inside fridge door that could tilt forward and prevent the door from fully closing after walking away”. (Our fridge had the closing-dampeners and I think they are getting long in the tooth…not as quick to close).

So, I wonder if it hears an alarm clock and what Home Pods would do? Would be nice to have feature to sample/test the Home Pod feature and set notification of that “sound”?

Not sure if an Apple Ai was involved (:face_with_raised_eyebrow:) but it could be that the system decided that the fridge beeping was not an urgent alarm and that the beep would mask any real fire alarm and so it reported the function had been disabled.