Fun with Lombard

I needed to make some higher resolution exports from some old ClarisDraw files. So I plugged in the Lombard PowerBook and powered it up. Not only did it work first try but it booted into OSX 10.2 very quickly. The only modern command I missed was the two finger scroll. The backup CD and the superdrive still worked and I moved the files over to the HD. The Classic environment and ClarisDraw booted fine. After some familiarization and a few font adjustments the exports to PIC were done. Then I had to convert them to PNG. The modern computer apps couldn’t read PIC. But the old Quicktime 7 converted them to PDF and I was home free.

Kind of a fun process.

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Great. I’ve an old SE I boot up once a year or so, always fun to use again.

When it comes to image formats and converting I find Graphic Converter will do the job others cannot -

But loading up on an old laptop is more fun I bet.

GraphicConverter didn’t work this time. Really surprised me that the PIC files would not load.

Good story! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy booting up a really old Mac and seeing that it still works just like back in the day. Don’t get to do that a whole lot these days, but it’s always fun to hear. :slight_smile:

If your Mac SE ever stops working, you can use this webpage emulator. Doesn’t work too well on iOS devices. You really need a mouse.