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I’m a long time user of Fetch (I think it was on a floppy disk from my first ISP in 1993-4?), but I did use Transmit briefly when Fetch did not update for a long time. I didn’t like it as much, being better at synchronising a local folder to a remote folder than just uploading what I wanted. I do have a licensed version of BBEdit, which I see contains a perfectly usable ftp browser. I run a couple of websites and a couple of phpBB forums, so I need to use ftp occasionally (probably mostly when I need to host an image to link to elsewhere). I also used the built in ftp function of Pathfinder, when I used that. So, lots of choices!
Is there any good reason to select BBEdit over Fetch that I’m missing out on (other than long term availability and upgrades: I like to support old friend when I can)?

If there are problems with a transfer, Fetch has more complete and understandable logs

I have a Transmit license but often find myself using Forklift. It’s more a replacement for Pathfinder (which I find buggy) than a straight FTP client but it works well. I bought it in one of those bundle deals for about $3.

I own Fetch, and others, and BBEdit but Transmit is by far my goto FTP app. Double click and it opens the remote server in the right window and my corresponding folder in the left. I drag a file from the right windoow to the left to bring in the latest version from the website, double click on it in the left window to open it in BBEdit, Make my changes, save it and drag the file from Transmit’s left window over to the right window to upload the new version. To me it is very visual and intuitive.

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Another tick for Transmit

I vote for TRANSMIT, but for certain situations/preferences the OpenSource software CYBERDUCK is also pretty good.

I still use Fetch, and particularly like its droplet creation feature. You can easily create a little app which when you drop files on, it launches Fetch, uploads the files to a specific folder on a specific server, and then quits Fetch.

I keep a couple of the droplets in my Dock so I can drag an image onto them and have it upload. I also like the right-click on a file in the ftp window to copy the web address for making links.

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Filezilla works for me…

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While I purchase most of the software that I use, in this instance, I am “el cheapo”, because I very rarely have to FTP anymore. But when I do, I also use the free Cyberduck. Of course, if you need more than what Cyberduck provides, there is also a commercial version which offers more functionality called Mountain Duck.

Yeah, sure. I bought both CyberDuck and MountainDuck (Finder provider for CyberDuck connections) from the MAS, just to support the author. Great software; not sure why there’s a call for anything else? Transmit isn’t bad but really, nah, I don’t see the point any more.