Freezing Finder? Dropbox and Overstuffed Folders May Be the Culprit

(Josh Centers) #1

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Is your Finder sputtering and freezing? Josh Centers solved his Finder problems by cleaning out his Downloads folder and toggling Dropbox’s Finder integration.

(Patrick Demaret) #2

Hi Josh,

I had observed a phenomenon similar to yours : I had the Finder freezing from time to time, and sometimes I had to wait for 10 minutes to get back control (sometimes I had to restart the Mac). In all these cases, fans were at the maximum speed during the hang-up ;-).
I had the Downloads folder full of files as well : 26 thousand items for 21 Gb !
So I turned off the DropBox Finder integration two days ago and, presto, no more hang.
I’ll wait for another week before updating this post with a final result.
Thank you very much !


(Josh Centers) #3

I’m glad the article helped someone!

(Patrick Demaret) #4

Update as promised : all hangs I experienced for more than 6 months are gone !
Thanks a lot !

(ConPhoto) #5

Dropbox does have it limitations. Dropbox tends to cough and splutter at folder with +7,000 items in them. And if your overall Dropbox is +500,000 items it can be a little shaky