Force Remount Volumes

I’ve got a current gen iMac with an OWC TB RAID attache and recently under Catalina it’s started dismounting itself. I’ve verified that the latest version of SoftRAID is installed and will check with OWC to see if there’s a resolution.

In the meantime…is there any way to have a script check every hour and auto remount the volume if needed? I’m relatively terminal friendly but have no script writing ability at all…but I imagine that some sort of launchd deamon or similar to execute the required terminal mounting commands is easy for somebody who understands these things better than I do to tell me how to write.


I also noticed this behaviour since a short while. I started using ConnectMeNow to ease efforts to connect volumes ( - ConnectMeNow v3 - Mount Network Shares Quick and Easy on a Mac). I have no experience of all its capabilities but I use it to mount volumes at start-up and quickly reconnect volumes after they ‘mysteriously’ disconnect.

Thanks Erik…I will check it out. The iMac is mostly a server in the other room so hopefully it has some keep it mounted or auto remount capability.