Font Issues

The only topic about font problems was 3 year old, so guess I will start a new string! Appreciate some help!

I LOVE FONTS ever since we went CRAZY with the first bit-mapped fonts for the first Mac! However, my Mac Ventura fonts are a MESS! They have been this way for YEARS, and I’ve wasted a lot of time dodging weird and foreign fonts that I don’t use. I’ve tried using Fontbase, but the fonts I wish to remove don’t even show up there under MY FONTS?

I am subscribed to Adobe and their webpage says I can use Adobe fonts for FREE, but where do I see/manage them?

With Adobe in mind, can I safely delete all fonts (except system fonts) and start over with Adobe? HOW?

Thanks! Bye R@y

Steve Jobs developed a brilliant solution to font management in a very early version of OSX. Font Book is sitting on your Mac’s hard drive and waiting to make life easier for you. It works great and it’s free.

It will help you manage all the fonts you own, no matter what developer. You can also validate problematic fonts, and it will try to fix the problematic ones. And it’s very customizable. So it is unnecessary to delete any of the fonts you own.

The reason Steve developed Font Book was because Adobe announced it would no longer update or develop any of its design apps and services for Macs. It developed Photos, Photo Book, Pages, iMovie, Keynote, etc. that continue to eat into Adobe’s bottom line.

Adobe probably wants you to delete your fonts so they can lock you into a very expensive subscription that will be very difficult to leave.

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