Follow Discourse discussions via RSS

(Adam Engst) #1

I’ve just learned that you can turn any URL here in Discourse into an RSS feed, merely by appending .rss to the URL and putting it in your RSS reader. So, for instance, here’s the feed for the Latest Posts:

And for TidBITS Talk:

So if you’re an RSS fan, give it a try!

"Mark all as read" or "Catch Up" button?
(Jolin Warren) #2

That’s amazing, I never knew that. What a fantastic feature!

(Seth Anderson) #3

cool, that works for Reeder.

(Adam Engst) #4

And @cwilcox points out that the “latest” RSS feed only has the first message on each topic, whereas

has both first posts and replies.

(@lbutlr) #5

Wasn’t there a recent new RSS client for macOS written by someone whose name I should remember? Like in the last month?

(Seth Anderson) #6

Brent Simmons has one called Evergreen (but I’m stuck in Low Sierra for the moment, so haven’t tried it yet)

(@lbutlr) #7

Thank you, that’s the one I was failing to remember.