Focus enhancement... maybe

I have DND turned on daily from 9pm-9am, with a select handful of people listed as VIPs so they can break through if needed. I use it randomly in appointments.

Yesterday my phone asked if I’d like it to decide when to turn DND on based on my patterns. I said ok and indeed noticed I was in DND a few hours later (Saturday afternoon).

I’m on iOS 16.1 with a 13 Mini

Curious how it will treat my weekdays as I work from home most of the time.


Let’s be clear, this is Focus now, not Do Not Disturb—I’ve tweaked the title to avoid confusion.

Letting iOS set up a Focus for you strikes me as a recipe for a world of hurt. All it takes is for you to change your habits—say you’re traveling or dealing with an emergency situation—and suddenly you’re not receiving phone calls or notifications properly because an automatic Focus has kicked in. That could be seriously problematic.

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I forgot to take a screenshot.

It shows up under the Do Not Disturb section of settings.

Do Not Disturb/Smart Activation

It appears above my normal 9am-9pm DND schedule

It did not turn DND off at 9am Monday but has otherwise stuck to my normal schedule since, after having me on DND all weekend.

I agree about the world of hurt lol!


I’ve seen this same notification and there was no way I was turning it on, mostly for the reasons Adam states.

Yeah, Smart Activation is an option for a number of the Focuses, and it can show up in a variety of places, though I think you may need a schedule first. Regardless, I think it’s a terrible idea.

I deleted all other focuses except for Sleep, which doesn’t have it.

I’m in a period of time where I’m at my desk and can pay attention to it. It’s the only reason I experimented.