Flickr Limits Free Accounts to 1000 Photos to Make the Service Sustainable

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Flickr, now owned by SmugMug, is limiting free accounts and improving paid accounts to help the beloved service survive in the long term.

I’ve been Pro for over ten years now. My terabyte is nearly full so glad that’s now not a limit.

Flickr has a job to do, if it’s even fixable, to restore a sense of active community there. Not as vacant or soulless as 500px but nowhere near the level of activity on Instagram.

Though I don’t use either Flicker or Instagram, I’ve been reading quite a bit about hate speech, harassment as well as plain old creepy stuff on Instagram continuing to muItiply. Facebook’s policing efforts seem to not terribly successful on Instagram, and it might be an opportunity for Oath/Yahoo to position Flickr as more of a safe space than Instagram, if this is is the case.

Smugmug bought Flickr from Oath a while back. These new accounts are their first changes since ownership transferred. Yahoo’s acquisition was a disaster for the once lively Flickr.

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Flickr has clarified that it will not delete any photos shared via Flickr Commons.