Flashing sound icon on M1 MacBook Pro

I need some help. How do I get this sound icon to stop flashing? I have restarted multiple times to no effect. Thanks.

Which icon are you referring to? The one in the menu bar that looks like a little speaker, or…?

Yes, but it is not in the menu bar. It’s flashing at the bottom of the screen.

At the bottom? It doesn’t look like this?

Hi Simon. Yes. Flashing like that image. On the screen, not in the tool bar.

You get that when you change the volume. Usually by hitting F11/F12. If you’re not hitting those keys, do you have anything running that might be issuing volume up/down commands?


Or is this MBP one with the famous butterfly keyboard, and there is a crumb of toast under the key?


Or an MBP swollen battery?


I shut down, and restarted. Flashing is gone. Thanks for the replies.