Fitness+ Burn Bar

A google search did not lead me to an answer to this question.

I have tried using Fitness+ workouts at my gym. There is free WiFi there, but it’s not adequate for streaming the videos; so I have to download them to my iPhone beforehand. Nevertheless, I do have a network connection while I’m using Fitness+.

I tried turning on the Burn Bar in a cycling workout. Since it’s comparing my last 2 minutes effort with that of users worldwide, I assume it needs a network connection, which I have. After 2 minutes, Fitness+ tells me that the Burn Bar is not available. This has happened several times; so it doesn’t look like a glitch.

Perhaps Fitness+ thinks that since I’m using a downloaded video it shouldn’t even try to use the Burn Bar. I’m wondering if anyone here has any insight into what is going on.

That’s probably a good guess. You’re lucky - I’ve had workouts pause with a spinning circle right at the two minute mark, which I’ve guessed is the iPad Mini trying to connect to get burn bar info and failing, so it “waits”. The spinning circle never stopped, so I ended up having to start the workout over. This happened a few times so I turned the burn bar off, until I upgraded to the iPad Air (that’s been fine).

I tried again today and this time I shut off WiFi and relied on cellular data, hoping that the Burn Bar data would be low enough to not impact my cellular data limit. This worked and the data used was indeed very low. So perhaps my gym’s connection to the internet is poorer than I imagined.

Anyway, today’s trial refuted my hypothesis that using a downloaded video was incompatible with using the Burn Bar.