Firefox 99 login problems

Firefox 99 cannot access some web sites with passwords, giving me a very frustrating experience with Kensington and the city where I live. The basic symptoms are that it will not accept passwords or perform key functions. Frustrated, I looked at both sites carefully and note they both use a service called mycusthelp. The Kensington site address is[DELETED]. I was able to access the site without a password, but it would not allow me to send them an invoice file needed. (The tech finally emailed me an address to send the file to). The Newton Massachusetts site is
Page Temporarily Unavailable)/supporthome.aspx That works with Safari but I could no get into the site with a password, and trying to use a new password always failed, no matter what I used. I posted a bug alert at Firefox; both those sites used to work before Firefox 99.

There was another update today, so see if that fixes things.

I downloaded Firefox 99.0.1 yesterday and now the Newton, Massachusetts seems to be working, so something appears be fixed, but I am not sure when I updated Firefox yesterday, so the fix might have been in mycusthelp software.