FindMy question: Why does my housemate's location show on my Mac, but not on my iToys (sic)?

This has been bugging me for quite some time now.

For starters, I see my very elderly mother’s location 24/7 thanks to her (cellular) Apple Watch, both on my Mac and various iToys.

Ditto for her caregiver’s location — at my mom’s house!

But for my housemate, it’s been driving us bananas (or rather to drink :roll_eyes:):

It’s been hit or miss (far more miss) since we started sharing our respective locations “indefinitely” aka 24/7. He can see me all the time all right, but for some reason I can see him (even live!) only on my Mac (Sonoma), whereas the iToys are erratic at best.

For example, on my iPhone 14 Pro, his “last location” was yesterday around noon (at his office). But my Mac showed him “live” at his office about 20 minutes ago, and now shows his “last location” (at his office about 20 minutes ago) — before he went to the gym where he is working out now.

Meanwhile, my two iPad Pros and iPad mini all show “No Location Found”, after churning and churning trying to locate him but in vain.

FWIW, I am signed into the same Apple ID on all devices. And we both have cellular Apple Watches, mine series 7 and his 9. (His phone is 15 Pro Max vs my 14 Pro.) All devices with updated software.

Needless to say, it’s quite a nuisance having to go upstairs into my office to find his location on my Mac, instead of seeing it readily on any of my iToys! Not to mention when I’m out and about or even traveling, when I don’t or won’t have ready access to my iMac at home.

I would be very grateful for any and all enlightenment, so bombs away, please!

I can only offer a workaround, which is to set up location sharing via Google Maps.

This feels like an iCloud problem that you might be able to test by logging out of iCloud on one of the iPads and logging back in. That can be annoying, I know. Before that, it’s worth powering down the iPads and rebooting them, just in case that hasn’t happened in a long time.

Here’s the latest:

FindMy on my iPhone showed my housemate’s “live” location late this morning, as he left the house for lunch with an acquaintance. But as soon as he rounded the street corner, the “locating” stopped! And yet when he got to the restaurant, FindMy “found him” again.

(Which I don’t suppose has anything to do with Focus being on automatically while he’s driving? :woman_shrugging:)

So I headed upstairs to see what gives on my Mac. Which once again proved far more “reliable” than my iPhone, as the Mac even showed him at his office after lunch — while the iPhone was still trying to play catch-up…

Given the discrepancy between the two, I decided to follow Adam’s advice, bite the bullet and… log out of iCloud on my iPhone.

Upon logging back in, FindMy took a few minutes to show my mother’s location as well as her caregiver’s (both unchanged, at my mother’s house).

But it still just churned and churned trying to locate my housemate, once again getting nowhere :roll_eyes:

I thought, OK, this is pretty ridiculous. Let me try something else, but what???

Instead of using FindMy (on the iPhone) directly, I went into his thread in iMessage, and accessed his contact info at the top.

Lo and behold, the location info below showed him LIVE, at his office, matching exactly what was on my Mac!!!

From there I went into FindMy, which immediately updated his location to his office, too. (But why was this “detour” necessary?)

I don’t want to speak too soon, but since then the iPhone and the Mac have matched exactly — even when I go into FindMy first on the iPhone, instead of locating him via his contact in iMessage.

But rats, I did speak too soon. About an hour later when I used FindMy on my iPhone, it still showed his previous “last location” from 35 minutes ago, as opposed to 10 minutes ago on my Mac.

This time I quit the FindMy app on the iPhone. When I relaunched it, it then “found” him LIVE. Ditto for the FindMy on my Mac. And since a couple of hours I’ve had to relaunch FindMy on both devices, to get the updated/Live location.

Obviously this still ain’t optimal if I have to quit and relaunch FindMy time and again — especially since we’ll be in Vienna then Madrid in a few months, when we decidedly do not wish to lose track of each other! (I do speak German and Spanish but he does not, so yeah…)

All in all and as a back-up, I shall definitely take up P. Boersting’s suggestion and set up location sharing via Google Maps, too. The proverbial « au cas où » (just in case), you know :woman_facepalming:

(Yet something else that’s odd: on my Mac, it still shows my dad’s last location from 2 years ago, around the time he passed away. But on my phone it shows “no location found” for him… FWIW, my mom decided to hold onto his phone, so I suppose we could “locate” him again if she ever turned it back on?!)

So something’s getting stuck in the Find My updating for the iPhone. Strange… The best I can suggest now would be to call Apple Support.

Thanks, Adam, I’ll do that then report back. :crossed_fingers:

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