Finding files Disk Utility cannot repair

On an APFS back up volume following a First Aid routine using Disk Utility
numerous entries similar to " warning: inode_val: object (oid 0x2a6975): invalid bsd_flags "
Apple, I guess has not updated Disk Utility to repair problems on APFS files, and engineers of third-party apps are still waiting for Apple to release documentation… apparently Apple engineers are still waiting too

to the point, is there a way to determine what files these “warnings” refer to?
I have seen reference to converting the oid name to “decimal” and utilizing command line
“ls -I Filename”
a bit over my head
Any hints?

Warnings are different from errors, so don’t usually require repair. I suspect it would require a professional drive recovery service to have the tools necessary to identify whether a particular file or files is associated with that inode. Offhand I don’t know what a bsd_flag is. In general, I ignore all such “warnings” and just move on. ls -l filename does not apply here.

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