Finding a gently used iPhone?

(Diane D) #1

Best place? My SO’s flip phone isn’t going to make it to the end of the year, and that technology is being phased out anyway. For the same reason, I can’t give him my Verizon iPhone 4s.

Verizon offers a 6s at a good price, but you need to get a new line.

I don’t think he’s going to want to spend $200 unless he can do that on a cheap monthly fee. He can get a new flip phone for $100.

Pawn shop? I think he found someone selling a 6 for over $200 which sounded like a lot for that model.

Never thought I’d see the day where he is thinking about a smartphone……


Used iPhone - best model?
(David Rostenne) #2


I have found that asking friends and co-workers sometimes leads to finding phones… that come from a known source :wink:




(Diane D) #3

It does! I put feelers out this morning. Thanks! :slight_smile:


(frederico) #4

Swappa, Gazelle and Glyde have pretty great deals, but I’m not sure about your price point. Walmart and Best Buy refurbs are probably your best bet, but they typically come with their MVNO plans, yet are unlocked so you can take them wherever.

(Diane D) #5

Need to look for a phone for my SO, he’s really considering a smartphone. I can’t give him my 4s as it won’t activate on Verizon’s network anymore (and wouldn’t work after this year anyway).

I was considering a 6s, but what other used models are worth looking at? I am not as familiar with the 7 or 8 series. I don’t think he’s going to want a super-sized version.


(Simon) #6

If he’s not into big, I can only recommend an SE.

I got rid of my 64GB 6 a few months ago and replaced it with a 128 GB SE and couldn’t be happier. :slight_smile:

(Diane D) #7

That’s what I have. :slight_smile: He has bigger fingers so he’s thinking something a little bigger.

I found a site called Back Market that seems to have good prices. Gazelle wasn’t bad either.

I struck out with friends and family! Cannot believe that all the friends I have with kids who continually upgrade, don’t have any.


(David Ross) #8

Based on rumors the next iOS release may drop support for phones as new as the 6s family. I’d avoid a phone that can’t get updates for at least 2 releases.

(Diane D) #9

Yep, that’s an issue. He’s like me where he keeps them for a long time (his flip phone is a Razr). But paying current pricing for the X series may be more than he wants to do. Even the 8’s are up there.


(Dana Schwartz) #10

Where has anything been said about dropping 6S support? I have only heard about 6, not 6S.

(David Ross) #11

I read speculation this morning that included the 6s. But I don’t remember where. But even if not if the 6 goes away next iOS then the 6s could be dropped with the next iteration.

Now to decide if I want to sell my 6s that I use as a spare.

(Simon) #12

6s was rumored because it has the same internals as the SE and the SE was explicitly mentioned in that rumor. Personally, I think that rumor is a bunch of crap.

(Diane D) #13

We went to the Verizon store yesterday and he decided on an XR. We ended up combining our Verizon accounts and the phone somehow didn’t get activated before we walked out of there, so setup was a bit painful compared to mine in the past. It’s a huge learning curve for him - and me! So many things are different between it and my SE despite being on the same iOS.

I almost upgraded my iPad since there was a $200 off deal - but you had to buy a service contract and it would have cost more than buying it retail so I declined.

We took the monthly protection for a couple of months to make sure he gets used to handling something so big - and now more grippy with the case. He got a Speck case but it’s picking up cat hair like crazy.

I was very intrigued by the little Palm phone. You wouldn’t want to surf on it, but it may end up filling a niche for small smart phones. It would actually fit in my bike bag - I miss being able to put my phone back there!