FileVault bug: "A recovery key has been set by your company, school, or institution" and how to reset FileVault


After reading excellent posts by @Shamino , @ron and others on the importance of FileVault, I decided to turn FileVault on in my mac mini late 2018 running Catalina.

Because I am a bungler and would most certainly lose a recovery key, My intention was to

  • turn on FileVault
  • choose iCloud as a recovery second step standard option

But when I turned on FileVault in Sys Pref > Security and Privacy, I was not offered the iCloud recovery option. Instead, a message is displayed “A recovery key has been set by your company, school, or institution”

The mac is and has always been completely private, bought at the apple store for personal use.

Apparently, this is a known issue with FileVault and can happen after installing the OS and data migration.

Surprisingly, although the issue is known and discussed on the Internet, only one modest reference suggests a solution, namely

macos - Recovery key set by my “company, school, or institution” on private laptop - Ask Different

I am nervous about attempting to implement the suggested solutions based on only 2 Stack Exchange posts without confirmation by other sources

thank you very much

An article by Tidbits contributor @glennf have the same solution I think you can proceed.

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A perfect solution. thank you very much !