Fast way for file transfers

Gave up on my Drobo and will be transferring the files to my new Raid. The current set up is iMac, connecting to Drobo, daisychain to Raid.

To transfer the files, is the fastest way Carbon Copy or is there a Unix command line thing that will copy files faster? Also, should there be any change to the order of connection or should I link both up to the computer and copy from there?

I’m pretty sure that CCC uses the underlying command line stuff to do it’s magic…I would just go ahead and do it that way but make sure you turn the verification step on as well.

Even if CCC isn’t quite as fast…it’s one of those start it and come back tomorrow and it will be done things…the limiting factor is probably the drive read/write speed anyway.

The trouble with using command line things is that unless you really know what you’re doing the switches and modifiers are tough to get right.

CCC uses rsync (presumably a customized version) under the hood.

The benefit of rsync is that it can resume if interrupted.

That being said, I would recommend CCC over rsync because I believe there are two kinds of people in the world:

  1. People who have accidentally deleted files with rsync
  2. People who have never used rsync
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That’s much better than the way I said it…bravo.