Fast switching of Mail "send new messages from..." account

I am involved with some governmental programs and I have been advised to use different mail accounts for correspondence related to each program.

The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a quick way to tell Mail to change the “send new messages from” setting. (single keystroke preferable, pop-up might work)

This is a real pain. It is too easy to forget how it is set and I have occasionally sent messages from the wrong account.

I don’t see anything in Automator that would help. I don’t want to invest time messing around with AppleScript. I don’t see a plug-in that would do it.

Any suggestions?

The ‘From’ header in the compose message window is actually a dropdown menu with all your email addresses listed. You can change to any of those addresses for the current message only.

If you are going to be generating multiple messages in a session, it seems that temporarily changing the default address via Mail Preferences->Composing->‘Send New Messages From’ is a short enough sequence to use.

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yes, I’m aware of those possibilities. I’m looking for something like the Preference setting that can invoked with a keystroke, or some other simple, quick method.

I use Keyboard Maestro to do that. It has an action that lets you pre-populate/choose To, Subject, From, etc. I have a macro that’s triggered by a hotkey combination to send email my wife. A compose window opens ready for me to write the message and hit send.

You could assign hotkeys to macros that simply open a new message with the From field pre-set.

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Shortcuts has a Send Mail action that allows you to specify a configured sending account. (Although, like @anthony.craine, I would use Keyboard Maestro.)

I have no answer to your question, but I will caution you that (Apple) Mail changes the From line in my replies spontaneously. In other words, when I reply to a message, the From line should be the same as the To line on the message to which I’m responding. Usually it is. Sometimes it isn’t.

No matter what solution you find, you might want to confirm the desired address is in the From line just before you click Send.


Also the Reply-To line.

Thanks for that info. I have used the Reply-To line, although infrequently. When I do, I’ll try to remember to make sure it didn’t get munged.