Face ID with a Mask : Has it worked for you?

Apple added a “Face ID with a Mask” feature to the latest iOS 15.4, but it seems to work only occasionally. It doesn’t work most of the time in my experience, especially if I’m wearing a bulky heavy-duty mask. It appears to work better with a cloth mask.

What has your experience been like?

It works surprisingly well here. White cloth masks and surgical.

At times I need the reminder to take off my shades first, but after lifting them it always works. It definitely feels better to be able to remove sunglasses over removing masks. And it’s definitely nicer than having to punch in 20 characters. :wink:

It works reliably for me with a 3M N95 mask as long as I remember to look down towards the phone and take off my baseball hat :mask:

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Works fine. Love it but I do need to remember to look down since FaceID is straight ahead. Just need to form a new, because it is quick once I look down.

It works fine for me and I wear 3M 8210 masks. It makes it much easier to check my shopping list in the grocery store. As others have said, it works better if you hold your phone down a little when you look at it with a mask on.

Works for me - I use a Buff (neck gaiter) pulled up over nose and mouth.

I hope you know that studies have shown neck gaiters to provide almost no protection against COVID19 infection.

To clarify, gaiter is for subzero temps. Thought folks might like to know face ID also works with other face gear. Haven’t tried yet with balaclava.

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