Exporting from a very old Omnis 7 database

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This is probably a fruitless task, but I’m trying to give it a go.

I used to run a database in Omnis, first 5, then 7. I think 7.1 was the last version I had. I changed jobs in about 1992 and stopped using it, and never got round to exporting any of the data. I thought the files had been lost.

I was wrong: I’ve just found the old data files. I no longer have a version of Omnis 7, of course. I’ve found Omnis Studio, and the FAQ suggests that conversion from 7 to Studio is possible. Studio won’t open the files I’ve found.

I don’t need to convert the entire database, and I don’t need to run the old application. I’d just like to extract the data, in any readable form (CSV, Excel, FMP, whatever). There’s only about 500k of the stuff.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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Well, it’s an interesting site, even if its author’s spelling leaves rather a lot to be desired. It doesn’t, sadly, seem to contain any useful information - unless I’m missing something.


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Years ago, I created an invoicing system using Omnis 3. Later, I exported the data and set up the invoicing system in Filemaker Pro. I still have Omnis on an old Mac G4 tower, but apparently the latest version that I have is Omnis 5

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I wonder if that might work. I can’t honestly remember whether I used 5 or 7. Could I send you a copy of my database, perhaps? It’s not large.

I’d have replied in private but I don’t know how to extract your email address.


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Hi Jeremy,

I set up my G4 tower and found that I have Omnis 3 on it. I have manuals for Omnis 5, but so far, I have not located the disks. I will take another look over the weekend.

Lol…I also don’t know how to reply privately.


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Doug, thanks, but I have a solution. Enormous credit to Richard Mortimer, technical consultant at Omnis, for helping me (above and beyond any call of duty), to the extent of converting my files to open with Omnis Studio so I can export the data.


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