Expandrive / Strongsync support

Has anyone here tried to cancel a recurring payment for Expandrive or Strongsync? Or had any recent contact with their support?

They took money from my bank a/c last year and I’ve been trying to contact them to stop it happening this year but I get zero response by email, or their “response within 3 hours” website chat thing.


Can you cancel your direct debit and send them an email advising that you want to cancel your subscription? Even if they don’t respond, they won’t be able to take money from your account then.

I also got bit by a surprise renewal. This was several months ago, but the person who confirmed my cancellation has the email address: alex.vasilyeva at expandrive.intercom-mail.com

Thanks for that - I’ll give it a try.

re: direct debit - unfortunately they have debit card details so I’ll have to cancel with the bank if they try to process it.

EDIT: I got a response straightaway! Hopefully sorted :smiley:

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