Glenn, who pays for the infrastructure? Who pays for layer 1-2 across the WAN/MAN? We still have overpriced monopolies at the edge which are only adding to the information divides and other problems coming out of a lack of settlement systems across the cloud ecosystems. Rather than take an “anti-ROI” stance let’s rethink our approach to digital networked ecosystems; and in the process to all of humanity’s networks; economic, technological, political, cultural, etc… It’s something I call equilibrism and it creates an economic system of incentives and disincentives that, if implemented correctly, can also redistribute wealth in a sustainable and generative fashion. The days of “open” are surely over after the disaster of Internet 1.0+, no?? More here: https://medium.com/@michaelelling63/forget-net-neutrality-equilibrism-is-the-answer-10ce74dedc93