Edge-to-edge screens and the notch

This is great news!!! Thanks. Now if we could only get BAD APPLE to stop making iPhone’s with the notch, all will be well.

The problem with the notch is that there are far too many people (especially pundits) who are demanding edge-to-edge screens. They criticize any phone, tablet, laptop or monitor that has a bezel.

This pretty much forces Apple to have a notch, because it is not (yet) possible to put cameras and proximity sensors behind a display panel. They could also go back to the idea of having a bezel at the top of the screen, but people would criticize them for that.

And it’s not just Apple. All phone manufacturers are facing the same pressure. So they’re all shipping edge-to-edge screens on their high-end phones. Some have notches bigger than others, but they’re all doing the same thing.

FWIW, I don’t like the no-bezel design for phones. I need a way to hold it in my hand without accidentally tapping and dragging content all the time. With an edge-to-edge display, there is no place to grip it without the UI registering some kind of interaction. But nobody making phones seems to care what I want. They’ll just do what their focus groups and PR people say I’m supposed to want.

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Yea I agree about liking a bezel. I never said edge to edge screen … just “No notch!’ :wink: It can be done and has been done. Sensors and “buttons” under the screen. So it is possible. We should demand more from a company known to be so innovative and that has the resources (Billions/Trillion) to do so. Apple can do it.

As Shamimo mentioned, the notch houses camera and proximity sensors, and they are necessary for Face ID. Full face scanning is the reason why Face ID is considered to be far superior to Samsung’s eye scanning.

The notch will remain there until Apple is able to put the cameras under the screen or decides to have a large bezel or chin. Apple decided on edge-to-edge screen.

I moved from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone 11s. after 30 minutes I stopped noticing the notch. I hope it will disappear some day but is way down on my want list.