Duplicate Transfer Photos from iPhone to Photo

10.14.6 Mojave, 4.0 Photos, 13.1.2 iPhone

Some photos on the iPhone transfer multiple times to the iMac photo library, repeating the transfer multiple times. Apple working on a solution, had me initiate Repair Library ( option & command while Photo application open on iMac), which only duplicated the entire iPhone library of photos.

All the photos are on the iPhone 8 Plus

Hesitate to remove the entire iMac photo library even though there is back up w/ iCloud, plus with the iPhone disconnected, not knowing what the problem is. Or, would have to also remove Photos from iCloud ?

Would then reload the iMac Photo library from all the photos on the iPhone ? Assuming they would all transfer.

Any similar problems & solution ?

How are you physically transferring photos from the iPhone to the Mac? USB sync or iCloud Photos?

Slightly off topic, but PowerPhotos can help you find and eliminate duplicates.