Downloading YouTube Videos in macOS

I use Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate. Oké, it may not be free but you get what you pay for. I often use it to download just the sound from a video. It can do both equally easily. As well as being able to convert from umpteen formats to umpteen formats. Hassle free and reliable. Excellent Aimersoft support.

There has been an audio track on YT that I’ve wanted for sometime but it had been so difficult to get JUST the audio but the suggestion of “ClipGrab” made it so easy. Basically poof! I’ve got it! So thanks a lot!


I din’t knew youtube-dl… brillant simple, quick and effective.

Thanks a HUGE lot for the tip !!!

If you have an MP4 video (from YouTube or elsewhere), you can easily extract the audio with QuickTime Player. In the File menu, choose Export As > Audio Only: