Downloading apps in different countries?

We bought some tickets (in the UK) for a concert in Vienna next year. The tickets ended up being purchased on I can not see the tickets in the UK Ticketmaster app and we can not download the .at app in the UK. When I contacted about the issue I was advised that “We would like to inform you that if you are in Vienna, you can download the app.”.

We will need to show the tickets on the app, has anyone had any experience of downloading apps in different countries that are not available locally? I am assuming I will be able to download the when we physically arrive in Austria?

I wouldn’t assume that, I think it’s unlikely. If the app isn’t available for you now, that’s because they’ve (stupidly) restricted it to Apple IDs that have their country set to Austria. Being physically in the country won’t make it available to you, you have to create a new ‘Austrian’ Apple ID and sign in to the iOS App Store using it, at which point you would be able to download the app. You will then have to re-sign in to your UK Apple ID so that you can update all your normal apps. Make sure not to stay signed into the Austrian Apple ID or future app purchases will be tied to it and you’ll have a mess on your hands!

I suppose it’s possible that the UK ticket master app might display your Austrian tickets when you’re in the country but you’d have to confirm with them. The whole setup sounds like a shambles, they should make it easy to see your tickets no matter what country you’re in. Is there any way to download from their website and transfer them to your phone?


Agree, setup seems to be bizarre. The tickets are dynamic and change with time so need to be on the app. I don’t want to rely on the web site as my experience at large venues is that data on my mobile is either slow or non-existent. I will contact Ticketmaster again and see what they come back with.


I agree with contacting TM again. I have been to numerous concerts where they just send a PDF with a QR code or bar code. But those things are changing to the registered app style.

Beyond that, I would think TM could find time to re-issue your ticket in some format that will accommodate your unique situation. They may not want to but they have the ability if done far enough in advance. In this case you are doing so with plenty of time.

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I have had no success with, they were adamant that I have to contact the .at site for a resolution. The Austrian site said I could not transfer the tickets to the UK app and that I would have to show the tickets on the web site when I arrive, any issues and someone will be able to help me on site (no pdf available)!

Ticketmaster seem to be a separate organisation in each region, a very unsatisfactory situation.

Sorry to hear that, it is pretty unsatisfactory. Thanks for keeping us updated.