Does anyone have problems importing iPhones' medias into macOS' Photos app?

My 12 mini only has 99 medias. That’s not a lot. ;) I know others, like 11 Pro Max, has almost 20K! So, the numbers doesn’t matter. :/

There is an option in Image Capture to import into Photos. Have you tried that feature?

Note: iPhone SE3 (iOS 17.4.1) and MacPro 10.14.6 (Mojave) with USB2<–>Lightning connector and Image Capture v8.0. I do not know if this Import feature is present in newer versions of Image Capture.

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Some time ago, I gave up on trying to import image files from my iPhone and iPad on to my Mac. It was annoying that some files would be transferred and not others in one pass whereas another pass would result in a different set on files being transferred. Sometimes all would be transferred and sometimes none. I tried with small batches and so on.

So having a Dropbox account, I transfer my image files to Dropbox and then from Dropbox to my Mac. Ok it’s two steps but the transfer from the iPhone/iPad happens automatically and it works. I did try Image Capture for a bit and those transfers seem to work.

I think Apple just wants you to use Photo app on your iPhone and to store files on iCloud, and for your images not to go near a Mac.

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Yeah, Apple seems want its users to use its iCloud. I only use iCloud for Find My. Apple keeps breaking lots of stuff like local calendar syncs. I don’t do clouds. :(

Oh, nice. Image Capture app’s Import into Photos app. I didn’t scroll down enough to see it. Thanks. Too bad it can’t detect the previous imported photos in Photos app though unless I missed that too.